What the hell are you doing?


  There's no way you're sitting around counting calories and figuring out exactly how you're gonna burn off that cookie and all of that stupidity...


Don't you have a life?


  There are guys who look good, but don't have time or energy to hang out with chicks because they're at the gym all day-


What the hell is THAT about?


   I'm not going to give you all these crazy routines that other guys SAY they do on camera, and then sell you a bunch of junk.


(Who the hell can do all these crazy "Blasting" and "Shredding" routines all the time anyway?)


You're going to learn to do the LEAST work, for the MOST benefit, LOOK HOT AS HELL, and doit all with:



Bones Rodriguez & Laura Valpey

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Half-Assed Health

Special 10-Page Report:



Contains Adult